DD Ranch / Hacienda Vance & Debra Vance Watercolors
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Here you can find pictures of my paintings.


 webassets/100_1173.JPGHere we were setting up at the base of Yosemite Falls for a day of painting with Frank Eber.

webassets/100_1172.JPG Here is where I stopped that day with Frank Eber. 

webassets/100_1179.JPG  My finished painting of the Arches Cascades at Yosemite. 

webassets/100_1176.JPG  Here is where I stopped when painting with John Hewitt. 

webassets/100_1177.JPG This is Yosemite falls Upper and Lower that I did from my photos. 

webassets/100_1178.JPG  This one is Half Dome at Yosemite. 

webassets/DivineWineontheVine.jpg  This one is titled "Divine, Wine on the Vine" 

webassets/TuscanSkies.jpg This painting is titled "Tuscan Skies"

webassets/20160915_105254.jpg  This painting is titled "Canyon Vistas" and is SOLD!


 Galloway Cattle pictures here are dear to my heart, so they are here too!

DD Ranch Heifer's in Paradise, TX. Remmi and her friends "get to work" on the new 4-H project. 

 Photos of my Art

(and still some of our cattle, as I will always love the Galloways!)


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