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Debra Vance Watercolors

Welcome to my new Art page!
As you can see, we are under construction at this time. 
My career in Dentistry, raising & showing cattle and life in general - I never had time to pursue my artistic side. Moving & Retirement have opened new doors!  
Like most things you start at the beginning.  I took 8 classes - once a week. Met a new friend Penny Duncklee during class. She is a local watercolor artist. Her web site is PenneyDuncklee.com  She lent me a whole stack of books which I devoured - came away with tools and styles I liked and began emulating them. She put critical information about paint handling, transparency of watercolors (transparent, semi- transparent, opaque) as well as staining (or non staining) in my hands from the very beginning. I also located a ton of information on YOUTUBE. So many demonstrations; that for me seeing the paint behave or watching a technique was easier, faster than reading it and try to imagine what would occure. 
I have joined the New Mexico Watercolor Society (southern chapter is in Las Cruces.) I am going to attend my second monthly meeting today (October.) I met Marie Siegrist there and took the last half of her current series of painting classes. While there meeting more people! It was there that I met Paul and was invited to be in the show at the Bistro on Main St. of Las Cruces.  So 2 of my paintings are on display there.
One sold as soon as I posted it on FB! So....I had another painting framed and replaced "Canyon Vistas." It has shipped and is on it's way to it's new home! The new painting is "Divine, Wine on the Vine." You can see it & purchase it  on the shop here page - click on Debra's Art. 
Like everything else I would immagine; there are watercolor art classes far and wide! So with the 5th wheel - Dene and dogs in tow....we will be off on new adventures. 
So, I am on my way to a new "career" with watercolors. Love it! I have no agenda so, I will enjoy seeing where this all goes!


2200 W. Union Ave.
Las Cruces, NM 88005

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