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Debra Vance Watercolors

Welcome to my new Art page!
My career in Dentistry, raising & showing cattle and life in general - I never had time to pursue my artistic side. Moving & Retirement have opened new doors!  
Like most things you start at the beginning.  I took 8 classes - once a week. Met a new friend Penny Duncklee during class. She is a local watercolor artist. Her web site is PenneyDuncklee.com  She lent me a whole stack of books which I devoured - came away with tools and styles I liked and began emulating them. She put critical information about paint handling, transparency of watercolors (transparent, semi- transparent, opaque) as well as staining (or non staining) in my hands from the very beginning. I also located a ton of information on YOUTUBE. So many demonstrations; that for me seeing the paint behave or watching a technique was easier, faster than reading it and try to imagine what would occure. 
I have am a Member of the New Mexico Watercolor Society (southern chapter is in Las Cruces.) Enjoying meeting lots of other artists - people that like to paint. Each of the meetings has a presentation or demo with it. A chance to learn something as you attend the meetings. 
Here in Las Cruces there is something called the 10 o'clock club. They meet on the 10 of each month at 10 am. In the mean time; the concept is "at 10 O'clock - you stop what you are doing and paint or do other art for 10 minutes each day." A fun concept to get you to paint / practice each day - keep you learning, improving.  Looking forward to the first meeting where you can ask questions, seek other people's in put on how to improve and enjoy each others company.
Like everything else I would immagine; there are watercolor art classes far and wide! So with the 5th wheel - Dene and I will be off on new adventures. 
So, I am on my way to a new "career" with watercolors. Love it! I have no agenda so, I will enjoy seeing where this all goes!


Early Journey Online Art Show 

 I submitted my first pieces of art to a show in the New Mexico Watercolor Society (NMWS) and I had one make the cut! You can view it online through December 31st. Very excited to get in and be recognized for my efforts. It is titled Yosemite Falls. It is for sale.  Hope you can locate it and sign my guest book here. Please stop back in as a new year is coming and a whole new web site will once again take shape. 


Watercolor Adventure in Yosemite! 

    If you have read / caught me on FB you just learned about our trip to Sequoia & Yosemite. Wow, wow & wow! I have pictures to paint from for eternity. The scenery coupled with the opportunity to paint in "plein air" on site in the park was amazing. The Yosemite Art Conservancy has a variety of art programs that you can sign up for. I was able to work with 2 different artists. John Hewitt and Frank Eber. Both used very different techniques, but both gave you insights on their painting. Absolutely an amazing experience.

    I paint more closely to Frank Eber's methods when I paint, thus I read about his in depth workshops - as luck would have it, there is one near me. I have signed up for his workshop in Scottsdale. It is 9 am  - 4 pm for 5 days. This will push my art to new levels! I hope to come away amazed. The Scottsdale Art School is right near old town Scottsdale. I looked them up on our way home. Know the location and that will make it easier when I go back. 

    We always plan trips to both our liking - Dene got a Vegas fix on the trip home. I painted in the rv and hung out with the dogs a couple afternoons. We caught a happy hour and spent a couple hours in the casino late afternoon one day. Drove to old town / Freemont St. Las Vegas and Dene has always preferred old town over the strip.  Always interesting to see the changes in the city that never sleeps! More new casinos, old ones torn down and replaced - constant change.

New Art Resume:

I have had the pleasure of taking classes with these instructors so far.

Wayne Carl Huber

Marie Siegrist

John Hewitt

Frank Eber.