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Certified Galloway Beef

Certified Galloway

All Natural, No Growth Hormones or Antibiotic Feeds


Beef Home Grown Beef , Custom Cut to your Specifications

Quarters & Half Beef Available Now. 

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"Galloway Beef - Pure & Simple" 
  • No Hormone Implants
  • No Antibiotic Feeds
  • Dry Aged to Perfection All of our beef is Dry Aged to Perfection. Our butcher hangs the beef in a cooler for 14 - 18 days. This process further Flavors & Tenderizes the meat. 
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Galloway Cattle originate in the Scottish Lowlands. That rugged environment created their long haired coat and it's the secret to Galloway Beef! 
The breed fattens from the inside out depositing desirable marbling (taste fat) in their ribeyes long before they reach undesirable levels of back fat (waste fat) a rare and highly sought after characteristic. This produces a very flavorful, tender, juicy beef product. 
Our Beef is Home Grown. WE DO NOT use growth hormone implants or antibiotic feeds to make them grow "faster". We let them be individual animals and process them when they are ready. They are out grazing in green pastures during Summer months and are fed hay thru the Winter months. We finish our cattle on basic Sweet Mix Feed and flaked corn.
Galloway Beef is very lean. This breed marbles naturally, constantly making a fine grain tender beef. Lean beef products should be cooked slower with lower temperatures.
Beef Pricing:
We sell our beef in Halves (ext. 250 lbs), Quarters (est. 125 lbs) and Eighths (est. 65 lbs). These weights are estimated as each animal weight is different.

The pricing is Boxed Beef Weight, not the Hanging weight, and is $6.00 lb. Effective immediately due to the high prices on Corn and Hay production.

Custom Cut & Wrap:

We use a USDA Inspected processor.  Our beef is Vacusealed to protect from freezer burn and allows you to see your beef products. WE work with you to develop your Custom Cutting instructions. ex. 1" Steaks, 1lb packages of hamburger etc.



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