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Hacienda Vance Wines

Wine Making Again!

With our move completed, we began getting reaquainted with wineries and wine makers here in the Las Cruces area. We were able to visit with many people and joined the New Mexico Wine and Vine Society. They are a fun group of people - all wine lovers! We are the host for their Christmas Party! We love to entertain, have room and great supplies to work with. All the white chairs, restaurant pans and stuff made the move. So we will be decorating for Christmas with ethusiasm! 

We were able to purchase grapes from Paolo in Deming, NM. So, we crushed 300 lbs of Sauv Blanc, 500 lbs of Shiraz and 500 lbs of Carmenere. Rather like riding a bike - we had not made wine in about 4 years due to the freezes in Colorado. There weren't enough grapes for amateurs like us. The grapes are much earlier down here as the Spring starts earlier too. The Sauv Blanc was crushe in late July and the reds were all done by Labor Day weekend. They are all pressed and we will rack them into clean containers for the first time in January. 

The white wine will be bottled in roughly March or April I am guessing. The reds - we may have enough to do a small barrel. Something we have wanted to try, but never had the volume to do. We will see. They will be oaked one way or another by then also. 

Stay tuned - we will host a wine bottling party as we did on the ranch! 



 DD Ranch Wines:

We are amateur wine makers at this time; honing our skills (and drinking our home work.) Our friends are enjoying our tastings and getting wine as gifts! We are also in charge of wine for family holiday gatherings!

All that aside; we are getting good at the wine game. Over the years we bought a small commercial crusher, an antique Hocking Valley fruit press circa 1860's, a pump that runs off of an air compressor (it shuts off when you close the valve -  one of our best buys) and a bottle filler that was on ebay. We have also aquired a series of either carboys, plastic tanks of various sizes. So we have all the "necessary" pieces of a winery.

We are small. Our philosophy is that wine should be fun. We want to do as little to the wine as necessary. We use sulfite to kill exsisting yeast, then add the yeast of "choice" based on the wine being produced; however no sulfite later. We try to force the wine to clear by letting it get really cold and make the sedimate fall naturally - we do not filter our wine. We feel it strips too much flavor. We reuse / rewash & sanitize our bottles. When we bottle, our little sessions usually end up about 15 cases. And we are very greatfull for friends that enjoy bottling!

If you live around here and would like to "help crush, press or bottle" wine, let us know. We always like help! And we have a good time.  



Wine Maker Magazine:

We are Excited to Announce that we are Featured in the April May 2008 issue of Wine Maker Magazine! The story is a full page article inside the back cover. This magazine is for mostly home wine makers. It is distributed Nationwide and in Canada. Look for a copy near you!

We hope to have a link to the article soon. Please stop check back!  

HERE'S THE LINK:    hppt://winemakermag.com/deparatments/794.html 


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