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Brisket Disease / PAP test Results

Brisket Disease

Pulmonary Artery Pressure Testing with Dr. Tim Holt

In November 2007 our herd was tested by Dr. Holt with his students from CSU. As many of you know Dr. Holt has made Brisket Disease the focus of his Veterinary career. Our Herd Cows and Bulls were tested and I am happy to report passed with fling colors. Our herd scores ranged from the low 30's to 42. He reported being "very excited about these preliminary results."

Since the resistance is inherited, cattle from our herd are ready for introduction to your herds at altitude to eradicate the problem. We have bulls and females available for purchase.

Galloway cattle have a long history of resistance to Brisket Disease. The DD Ranch is making it our goal to prove that piece of historical data.  


Brisket Disease


Galloway cattle have a long history of being Highly Resistant, if not immune to Brisket Disease. We are working with Dr. Tim Holt, CSU and Mark Stayton, WY to substantiate anecdotal historical information with todays science & technology.

Dr. Holt - Utilizes PAP (Pulmonary Artery Pressure) testing to evaluate cattle 18 months and older. This is a heart catheterization where a pressure reading is taken in the right atrium of the heart. Any cattle with scores over the #50 can not be moved to altitude or they will develop Brisket Disease (which is essentially - congestive heart failure). 

Cattlemen in the Rocky Mountain west are having PAP scores taken and deciding "who" to move to altitude. These scores are also used in Sire Selection as the disease is inherited and passed to progeny. 

Our Cattle here at the DD Ranch were tested as a herd. Thus far 17 cows and our two main herd bulls have been tested. We are very pleased to report that our scores ranged from a low of 30 to the highest score we had of 42 - all other scores were in between with no single animal spiking out side that curve.  We are attaching our "Work/Score Sheet" from CSU for your review. 

click here for PAP Results

Mark Stayton - His work evolves around isolating and identifying DNA markers for Brisket Disease. This work is very tricky as he explained to me that some markers can be present and not activate the disease.  Brisket Disease may also skip a generation or skip a series of years. That is a problem as - just as you think the calf survives at altitude, he is 3-4 years old and suddenly develops the disease. If quick action of moving the cattle down in altitude is not taken they die.
This research is on going at the University of WY at Larime. While great progress is being made, the final answer still lies ahead. Once those markers can be positively Identified Galloway breeders wish to test Registered Galloway Cattle and further substantiate the breed resistance. 

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