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DD Ranch Survives & Endures the 1000 year Flood!

We are happy to report that the critical areas of the ranch were unaffected by the floods. We've been an island for a few days and had to drive through 3.5 feet of water to the street. Left one truck in and one truck out. Walked ditch bank to get out - went to work as scheduled. Cows are just fine too. They wade in the irrigation ditches to cool off all Summer long, so there were just more places to "wade" lately. Raised our flag to signal "all's well" on Monday night. Lots of helicoptor and small aircraft over head. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all others whom did not fare so well.  


Parties & Events:

We can be the location for your next event. Please visit the "Parties & Events" page. While the winery is in the works You can read more about wine on the DD Ranch Wine's page. 


The DD Ranch 

We are very proud to breed the finest Galloway Cattle we can provide todays cattle industry. 

Galloway function very well on grass and are a very efficient fed beef product. With today's feed costs spiraling out of control, the budget needs to "pencil."

We utilize "Bovigen Technology" to identify Feed Efficiency. Our herd bulls have All 8 Stars for Feed Efficiency. We also test for Marbling/Quality & Tenderness.  These are tools to help you know more precisely what you are adding to your herd besides Strong Conformation.

Galloway cattle are  "Back to Basics" in Moderate Mature Cattle size. Our percentage Lowline cattle are the avenue many breeders will want and need to make a dramatic change in the over all frame size of a commercial herd in one breeding season.

Please visit all of our pages!

Reserve Grand Champion Bull
HB Wedge

(His photo will return)
2 Time Grand Champion Bull
HZ Atomic

  • 2005 NWSS Grand Champion Bull
  • 2004 NILE Reserve Grand Champion Bull
  • 2003 (not taken to shows)
  • 2002 NILE Grand Champion Bull
  • 2001 Champion Junior Bull
  • 2000 NILE Reserve Champion Junior Bull
DD Ranch Thank you to Tammy Jefferies - bred pair, heifer calf 
DD Ranch Thank you to Geara Patton- bred pair
DD Ranch Thank you to Mike Mullin - repeat customer, 2 bred female
DD Ranch Thank you to Tim Lackey - 2 bred cow calf pair 
DD Ranch Thank you to Don Shaum - pair of bred females 
DD Ranch Thank you to Bill Johnson, Stephensville, MT - for the purchase of 2 bred cows and 4 heifers!  
DD Ranch Thank you to Mike Mullin, Grapeland, TX - for the purchase of a "starter package" of 5. Wherehouse got a new home.  
DD Ranch Thank You to Lauren Alley & Bill Rose - for the purchase of 2 white heifer calves. They are on their way to Livermore, California. 

Look for us on Facebook. Search
DD Ranch Galloway Cattle. It is listed as a business group.
Also look for Debra Wirkner-Vance on Linked IN. We keep looking for the cutting edge in Marketing Galloway Seed Stock.

12535 CR 23
Fort Lupton, CO 80621

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